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Rent To Own
Storage Buildings

We are happy to offer our customers rent-to-own buildings, as it allows them to take full advantage of a Bunce Building with an alternative payment method. Whether a business owner looking for a dedicated space or a homeowner looking for some extra storage space, Bunce Buildings rent-to-own buildings are great for anyone who wants to rent or own a long lasting, high quality building.

Benefits of Rent-to-Own

Enrolling in our rent-to-own program is an easy way to get a storage building. There are multiple benefits of a rent-to-own storage building.

No Credit Checks

Our rent-to-own program allows you to rent with the intent to purchase with a low-monthly payment. No need for a credit check!

Quick Approval

Application is quick and simple - and leads to a fast, hassle free approval of up to $14,000 on various products!

Payoff Anytime

You can convert your rental into a purchase at any time with no early payoff penalty. When you have the extra cash and want to payoff your building early, we're here!

Low Monthly Payments

Our rent-to-own program allows you to take delivery of the building now while making low monthly payments that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Ready to Start Your RTO Process?

If you're in the market for an expertly-crafted storage building or similar space, we would love to help. Call or visit one of the many Bunce Buildings locations and let us assist you in deciding what building, size, and style are right for you.


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