Oasis® Leisure Room 2000®

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A Vinyl Oasis® Sunroom is Your Best Choice

The Oasis® Leisure Room 2000® is the best quality seasonal vinyl sunroom and the best value. Enjoy the benefits of vinyl which will extend your season and enjoyment. With optional insulated LoĒ³ glass, your season can extend even more depending on your climate. Both sashes slide on brass rollers and full fiberglass screens are included. Sashes can be lifted out for easy cleaning.

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  • Seasonal enjoyment
  • Tempered single glass standard with single solex green or insulated LoĒ³ available
  • Positive cam-action locks
  • Non-exposed fasteners
  • Protected by six (6) US and Canadian patents
  • Optional vinyl swing door
  • Full fiberglass screens
  • Lifetime glass breakage
  • Cathedral or studio models
  • Available white or beige
  • TCA-Guard®
  • Korad® insulated wall system
  • Delivery and set-up available (additional charges apply)
  • Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty


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