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When buying a storage building from Bunce Buildings, one of the first decisions you have to decide on is what roof style is best for you. We offer an A-Frame style roof and a Barn style roof for our storage buildings. Use this guide to decide which style is best for you.


Barn Style

A barn style building is the traditional roof style, and they come equipped with a multi-slope roof. These buildings are also called Amish style buildings, due to the Amish craftsmanship that is used to build the storage building.

The Barn style works best for customers who need extra loft space. Because of how the roof is designed it allows for more space to store more boxes and equipment. A barn style roof is the best option for storing your holiday decorations and anything else you do not have room for in your home.

Something to keep in mind is that the side walls are 6’4”, so you will have lower head clearance when accessing your barn style building through a side door, but if you have end doors your clearance will be around 7’.




An A Frame style roof has a single slope roof style that looks great in any yard. This style roof allows for debris and snow to slide off easier.

The A-Frame is an excellent choice if you are storing bigger items, like a refrigerator or tall tools or boxes. This is in large part to the taller walls. The walls in an A-Frame building will be 7’ tall from the floor to the ceiling. Many customers purchase this style of building when they are looking for a place to not only store their belongings but also might need a workshop where they have easy access to all their tools.

If you are planning on adding lofts, make sure to take a look at the ceiling, and hold a flat object in the corner to make sure that you will have enough loft space to fit all of your belongings.


If you are still unsure as to which style of roof you should buy for your storage building, stop by or call your local Bunce Buildings sales lot to check out the different styles for yourself. Our trained sales staff would be happy to help you find the best building for your needs and answer any questions you may have.

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